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Smile Makeovers

Gaps in your teeth, misalignment and staining can all leave you feeling self-conscious when you smile, eat or talk. A smile makeover is about addressing your concerns to provide a solution that works perfectly for you.

Our dental team in Bridgwater is here to listen to your needs

Your smile makeover is a bespoke treatment, one that is tailored to you and based entirely on what you want to get out of the process.


Rather than being a single treatment, it will usually be a combination of treatments (however few or many you need) to completely restore your smile. From consultation to treatment and ongoing aftercare, we will be with you each step of the way on your makeover journey.


Our team will be there to ensure you are happy with the care you are receiving, helping you to achieve your desired results in a way that is right for your budget as well as your health and aesthetic requirements.

What treatments may we offer as part of your Smile Makeover?

  • Teeth straightening orthodontics on referral

  • Veneers

  • Teeth whitening

  • White Composite Fillings

  • Dental implants on referral

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What happens in your consultation?

First of all, we will chat with you about the results you’d like to see from the process and make sure you understand what kinds of results you will be able to obtain. We will also carry out a dental check-up in order to give you our expert opinion on which procedures would work best, and to identify and problems that may need rectifying before we proceed with the work.


You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, which we will answer honestly and openly. After all, we want what’s best for you in all circumstances!

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No more anxiety and self-doubt when it comes to your smile.
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