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children at the dentist's

Children’s Dentistry in Bridgwater

At Parade Dental Practice we’re all about being patient, understanding and super-friendly when it comes to kids’ dentistry, making trips to the dentist positive, fun and stress free (for Mum and Dad too)!

We still register all new under 18’s on the NHS if a parent registers as a private patient. Talk to our receptionists for details. 

A rewarding experience for
all the family

If there’s one thing many of us can agree on when looking back on our childhoods, it’s often how much we worried about going to the dentist. In fact, even the thought of having to brushing one’s teeth is enough to make a lot of kids groan.


But as we all understand now as adults, good oral hygiene is so important. And adopting good habits for life starts as a child. That’s why we go the extra mile to turn those trips to the dentist into positive experiences that set kids up for a lifetime of excellent, problem free teeth.

Investing early in long-term health

We’ll teach your child those all-important top tips for looking after their gums and teeth, including brushing techniques and the importance of eating well and avoiding too much sugar. This will help prevent bad habits from developing, which can be hard to shake off in later life.

girl having dental check-up
Girl and dentist

Going to the dentist should be fun, not frightening!

Sadly, all it takes is one bad experience to end up with a long-lasting, if not permanent, fear of the dentist’s chair. That’s why we are especially patient and friendly when it comes to kids.


We don’t rush things, we make sure kids are sitting comfortably, and we explain what we’re doing in simple, straightforward terms, letting them adjust to the unfamiliar environment at their own pace. We find, this way, the outcome is much better for everyone.

Four family members

Book your child in for a check-up at Parade Dental Practice;
we’re extremely proud of the high quality of our children’s dentistry service. Call

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