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White Composite Fillings

Composite resin fillings are well-worth the investment, and at Parade Dental Practice we only work with composites of the highest quality to ensure durable, aesthetically pleasing results.

Fillings that look just like your regular teeth

If the word “fillings” conjures up images of greyish, metallic objects that sit amongst your otherwise-white teeth and do anything but inspire confidence in your smile, you can rest at ease!


At Parade Dental Practice in Bridgwater, we give patients the option to consign silver amalgam fillings to the history books. Our white composite fillings are made from composite resin, which has the benefit of being tooth coloured, meaning they’re all but undetectable when placed in your mouth. They are also very durable.

What makes white fillings the perfect choice for you?

  • They are white, like your other teeth, and natural in appearance

  • 100% mercury free, unlike the silver fillings of old

  • They make minimally invasive restoration possible, which help to preserve more of your natural teeth

  • They are ideal for small to medium-sized cavities, making them a good choice for most patients

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Giving you back your smile confidence

Most of our patients who have had their old fillings replaced with composites tell us just how much their self-confidence has been restored – and for us, that’s one of the biggest and best rewards we could ask for.

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