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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are essential when it comes to replacing and repairing missing or damaged teeth, and at Parade Dental Practice in Bridgwater.

Restoring smiles is part and parcel of what we do!

Most people immediately think of fillings when it comes to replacing or restoring damaged teeth, but there are numerous situations in which crowns and bridges could be the better option, helping to reduce problems with chewing and biting, whilst bringing stability to a weakened tooth structure.


If there’s one thing you’ll want to avoid, it’s results that look painfully unnatural, and that’s we use the very best crowns and bridges that blend naturally white coloration with durability and top-grade aesthetic results.

Dental crowns

Firstly, what is a crown? Well, it’s a tooth-shaped cap that your dentist will place over the existing tooth. Once fitted, it will look natural and feel perfectly comfortable. Crowns are needed when you have cracked, worn, misshapen or discoloured teeth, or when advanced tooth decay means regular fillings are not going to be suitable.


We use translucent, lifelike crowns that leave you with a lovely, white smile and ensure no unsightly lines are visible around your gumline.

Dental crown
dental bridge


Bridges come into play where you have one or more missing teeth, literally bridging the gap with teeth that are fixed permanently into your mouth, to look and feel totally natural. To carry out the procedure, your dentist will place crowns on the adjoining teeth, which act as an anchor or support structure. The lab made pontic tooth is then placed in the gap and attached to the crown for a flawless, pearly white smile.

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