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Dental Hygienists in Bridgwater

We encourage all of our patients to maintain good oral hygiene: day in, day out. What’s more, your daily regime can be strengthened further by making regular trips to our dental hygienists, who will advise and support you in a verity of ways.

Why see a dental hygienist?

Because caring for your teeth and your gums is about so much more than maintaining a good smile and staying free of toothache. Aside from loss of teeth and periodontal disease, there is a strong link between oral diseases and a variety of serious health conditions including heart disease.


For that reason, we can’t emphasise enough just how important it is to care for your dental health! From top tips on caring for your teeth, to treatments and aids to keep plaque and infection at bay, we do everything we can to assist you in maintaining an excellent standard of oral hygiene.

What does a dental hygiene appointment involve?

It stars with education: advising you on simple methods of keeping teeth and gums clean, your mouth free from harmful bacteria and your breath smelling fresh.


Your hygienist will also check inside your mouth and remove any hard deposits of tartar from around your gumline and tooth margins.


With each visit, your oral health should be steadily improving. We will continue to check on you, remove any plaque deposits, and ensure you have everything you need (from floss to interdental brushes) to keep on top of your routine.

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What are some of the areas our hygienists will advise on?

  • A good toothbrush (and how to use it effectively)

  • Dental floss or interdental brushes

  • Caring for teeth post-surgery

  • A variety of hygiene products such as implants, dentures and braces

  • Tips for keeping your breath fresh

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