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Porcelain Veneers

A lack of confidence in your smile can impact on your life in many ways. But veneers can make an amazing difference. Ask for information by contacting Parade Dental Practice in Bridgwater today.

Affordable smile restoration

Veneers can play an important role when it comes to facial aesthetics, being able to dramatically improve the colour, shape and alignment of your teeth to make for a flawless smile that will instil you with confidence.


The porcelain veneers we use are both tough and durable. They are custom-made to be applied to the front surface of your teeth, and are even colour-matched to your surrounding teeth to ensure a seamless result.

Why have veneers?

  • The choice to have veneers is down to you. May patients feel it restores their confidence and gives them a much brighter, more even smile. Veneers will improve:

  • Discoloured teeth

  • Teeth that are too small or chipped

  • A tooth that is out of position or slightly misaligned with the others

Dentist uses a palette tooth colour sample to determine shade of patient's teeth
Person with dental veneers

What happens during treatment?

Treatment duration can depend on any additional procedures you may need prior to the veneers being fitted. However, it can usually be done in two visits. During the first appointment, we will match your tooth shade and take dental impressions, ready for your follow-up appointment when the veneers will be fitted.

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Unhappy with your smile?
Speak to our receptionist team abouporcelain veneers today. Call

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